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Last year (2022) redirected this business to consider all of our core driving factors to be a successful farm start-up.

While those failures were eye-opening, we are grateful.

Ten Forty Six Farms remains invested in sustainability and regenerative agriculture to make a significant impact in the community, both socially and economically.

Image by Markus Winkler
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Change Brings New Possibilities

Farmer of One Looks to the Pet Sector

With careful thought, Ten Forty Six Farms has placed all projects on hold temporarily (Willie Boy Snacks, Wildflower Meadow & Apiary, Hemp Production,  the Digital Farm Planner and our Literacy Partnerships) until we are able to increase our staff and overall resources.

At our young farm start-up; our lead farm producer is intelligently pivoting to grow into overlapping sectors, primarily into pet food.

Our onsite commercial kitchen is actively manufacturing a specialty frozen pet treat with locally sourced ingredients from other farm producers. BITES will be available for local distribution by summer 2023.

Natural. Raw. Grain-Free. Simple.

1046 Farms: About

Our Purpose

To create ACCESS via economic and social impact within the local food system, to build partnerships in the community to EDUCATE in the agriculture space, and to advocate for SUSTAINABLE conservation practices, ecosystem services and biodiversity.

Home Grown Vegetables
Community Garden
Bees at Work


Farm initiative to increase access to fresh fruits and vegetables for the local communities, schools and BIPOC chefs.

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We're learning farmers who want to inspire connections to agriculture through our community schools. Our partnerships with local area non-profits and government is where will see that positive community transformation.

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As women focused on sustainable agriculture we can be part of the solution to increase community economic development in rural and urban areas and to model growing your own food in identified food deserts .

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